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Amalfi Coast Accommodation - Costiera Amalfitana



Small sea town, Vietri sul Mare is the first town of Amalfi Coast: its first pearl, situated in the most protected corner of the Gulf of Salerno.

The centre of the town, dominated by San Liberatore mountain, is on a terraced land towards the sea and is dominated by San Giovanni Battista Church, too. This church is the most important monument of the town, built in XVII century, with an elegant glazed dome.

Marina is a small hamlet, where people go during the weekends and on summer holidays. At its centre there is the tower built in XVI century against Saracen invasions.

The territory is crossed by Bonea River, and represents a point of connection between Lattari Mountains and the more inner Picentini Mountains. The landscape is variegated: for centuries the local natural vegetation and woods (chestnut groves, ilexes and copses) have been enriched by the cultivated lands. The most important products are grapevines and citruses. The valley of Albori hamlet was declared the place of Pinguicola hirtifolia, an interesting carnivorous plant, very common in this area. Vietri sul Mare is very famous for its ceramics whose production dates back to XV century. Today this ceramics is very well known and appreciated also abroad.


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